ErgoPad® work

The two-component active core insert from the plastic range is designed for everyday life, work and leisure. By means of a so-called “active core” acts the orthopedic insert biodynamic, ie it leads to maximum foot from heel to toe and distributes the body weight over the entire foot. So the feet and the whole body are felt relieved – especially with prolonged standing and walking.

  • biodynamic step processing thanks to active core
  • relieved especially in predominantly standing and walking activity in everyday life
  • suitable for Comfortable Footwear

1) Reference – X-Static Velour / Long-soled outer layer (35 ° Shore A):
The high-quality reference gives the contribution their distinctive look.  Consisting of EVA layer above the active core.

2) soft component – thermoplastic elastomer (TPE): It is a part of the active core and a dampening effect together with the overlying surface layer. The soft, flexible material in the heel and outer metatarsal region of the insert reduces the compressive stress in these sensitive areas.

3) Fixed component – high molecular weight polyethylene (PE): Supports the arch of the foot and improves Rückfußstabilität thanks to solid heel cup. The stable, skinned heel edge centers the heel and stabilizes the entire rearfoot in the performance phase. Flexible springs support under the metatarsophalangeal joints, the dynamic rolling motion of the feet.

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